....helping green shoots grow....


Making the leap from respected technical expert to effective and admired leader is likely to be the biggest challenge faced by anyone transitioning to a leadership role. Coach Campbell accompanies business executives along their way, offering developmental support in the form of exclusive one-on-one coaching.


No matter how good the credentials of a coach or coaching system may appear, effective coaching can only occur when the recipient is both aware of the need for and is willing to accept support in this form. Coach Campbell maximises the efficacy by providing a unique coaching experience, tailored to the specific needs and personality of the individual.


With discretion and confidentiality a sine qua non, Coach Campbell gives the executive time and space to think out loud. By helping to adopt a confident attitude towards identifying, articulating and ultimately confronting the hurdles they face, coached executives can dispense with procrastination and answer the call for affirmative action. 

And soon a branch, part of a hidden scene,

The leafy mind, that long was tightly furled,
Will turn its private substance into green,
And young shoots spread upon our inner world.


Theodore Roethke 

"The Light Comes Brighter," Open House, ll, 1941